Softweaver Technologies has been developing and deploying desktop and web based applications by following best development models. our Agile and Waterfall Model development approach makes us a fierce competitor in an overcrowded market.

We follow the ‘Agile’ Model of development. Agile software development processes are erected on the basis of iterative development. Iterations in a project framework may refer to the technique of developing and delivering growth.

Development and Refinement Loop

We begin the D&R phase shortly into the planning process. As soon as we define an actionable and prioritized feature and requirement document, our developers get to work on developing the first phase. After each phase, we will come back to you with the results and a status of the project. We will then find out if there are new feature requirements or a change in priority. Serenity then takes those changes, and implements them into a new development loop.

Each phase involves a team working through a full software development cycle including planning, requirements analysis, design , coding, unit testing , and acceptance testing when a working product is demonstrated to stakeholders. This helps minimize overall risk, and lets the project adapt to changes quickly.

We continue the D&R loop until we reach a completed application with the initial and revised requirements. At the end of these iterations, we will analyze the results to determine the next step and if you are ready to deploy on integrate your new system.

We also follow the ‘ Waterfall ’ Model , a sequential model for development which emphasizes on a chronological phase-by-phase evolution. The model consists of the following phases

This approach is followed when stakeholders are very clear on the system requirements and required results, time is spent in the initial phase on the requirement analysis and to fetch best inputs from the stakeholders to make sure that requirements and design are absolutely correct. Requirements documents and design documents are created to finalize the front-end GUI design, database structure and required functionality. This initial study helps to make all stakeholders familiarize with the system and saves much time and effort in the later stage. The requirement changes are handled by raising ‘Change Request’ and depending on the priority of the system.