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Needless to say, e-commerce is at its full bloom in the current century! How, you ask? Well, nearly 1.66 billion people bought stuff online in 2017 and their count is going up only day-by-day. The number of online shoppers is expected to reach a milestone of 2.14 billion by the end of 2021!

The numbers do all the talking! The trend of online shopping is scaling new peaks of popularity every year. In 2018, 11.9% of e-commerce sales witnessed by retail stores worldwide prove it. By the end of 2021, this percentage may reach up to 17.5%.

So, if you’re planning an e-commerce business – know that your chances are bright! But there are plenty others running the same race as you. What shall you do to stay ahead?

Your answer is – top-notch e-commerce solutions! With expert help, failsafe planning, and industrial knack, professional e-commerce experts can help you achieve the best results!

Your e-commerce business needs that fine touch provided by custom e-commerce development services. At Softweaver Technology, we deliver contemporary services, tailored for your e-commerce business.

Need the right hand to count on? We offer exceptional services!

Our services are tailored to meet unique requirements of brands of all sizes.

We have everything to be the best destination for incomparable E-Commerce services in India. Recognition by platforms like Clutch and App Futura as one of the best ecommerce development companies in India speaks volumes about us. Need more reasons to pick us? Here are some:

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We offer a great variety of services to deliver the best solutions! Let’s explore them:


Convert your WordPress website into a fully functional E-Commerce store with WooCommerce development services. Flexibility, intuitive interface, non-existent transaction fees, bespoke features, etc. are some of its beneficial characteristics that contribute to its increased usage. This is the reason why almost 2,906,789 e-commerce stores are currently running on it. Hire our WooCommerce developers in India and create a feature-rich online store that perfectly illustrates your brand.



It is a fully-featured website content management system. With Shopify development solutions, control the website’s navigation, content pages, and design which makes website hosting quite easy, even for the naïve users. SoftProdigy is a renowned provider of outstanding E-Commerce development services that allow you to create an amazing online presence and engage your audiences. This is why more than 6, 00,000 e-commerce stores running on Shopify. These e-commerce stores get 73% traffic from mobile devices and 61% of this traffic converts into sales.

We are recognized for providing the most remarkable custom E-Commerce development services at the most competitive rates. Speak to us today and let our strategy expertise and integration knowledge help your website conquer the market.

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